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Groom, our cocktail Bar just near the hostel, organises an event that, we are sure, will stay in our memory : a Swing / Prohibition party. Prepare your best suit, train at home and warm up! it's going to be crazy !

Come with us for a huge party !

Go through our cocktail bar door and, in a split second, travel to New York in the 1920s. We give you the context ... The prohibition, adopted in 1919, is put in place to fight against growing violence, drunkenness, social injustices and political corruption in the United States. But what is really happening? Illegal breweries and distilleries and smuggled spirits are on the rise, and Americans covet underground bars and underground clubs, where they gather for swinger or jazz.

Cocktails, dance and Live Music 

Whether you are a beginner in swing or a true expert, there will be for everyone: demonstrations, classes, jazz swing group, cocktail breaks ... If you are just a fan of 'mafia and corruption' outfits at the AL CAPONE or a worshiper of good whiskeys come so!

Practical information

Saturday 2nd of December 2017
From 8pm to 5am !
Groom Bar/Club : 6 rue Roger Violi, 69001

Now let's train and swing !

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Our team is 100% made in Lyon, we were born here or moved and felt in love with this city. We love discovering news places, eating in restaurants, drink with friends and listening to music. We are here to welcome you and guide you during your stay with only one goal : that you enjoy our place and our city as much as we do ! Welcome to Away Hostel !

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